Al arabia

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All I can think about when I see a channel owned by a muslim Arabian Saudi guy acts againest muslims and Arabs and modify the truth to suit what the American and israely media want to deliver to us is why we keep Watching it is that why? Why is that. Leave it to al hurra or other channels??


Thoughts while waiting in geography building

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I am writing this from my iphone waiting for apple to support Arabic. We are setting now in the geography building hall at the university waiting for our economics class to begin!

What makes me wonder is the amanah they have while they are not Muslims and their relegions (or no religions) doesn’t encourage that.
It’s great when you see a polite sign to tell you that you should the shut doors after going out so this will improve the climate for other occupants of this building

أنشئ موقعاً أو مدونة مجانية على ووردبريس دوت كوم..
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